Engineering, environmental and planning consultancy Caulmert wanted to enhance its profile on social media, as well as link its activity into overall business objectives.

The company asked Outwrite to deliver monthly social media sessions to its in-house social media team.

Planning and implementation

Outwrite worked with Caulmert to draft a social media strategy, linked to the business’ overall objectives.

Goals of the social media activity included to:

  • Enhance the company’s reputation
  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Build trust between Caulmert and its current and prospective clients

We deliver tailored social media training to assist the firm’s online activities discussing how Caulmert can stand out on social media and identifying changes to make to enhance engagement.

We also work with Caulmert to set up monitoring against different platforms and campaigns, and show the in-house team how to analyse and evaluate the work they carry out.


“The assistance and training provided by Outwrite PR has given us the tools and confidence to help us manage our social media accounts in-house.

“Our social media strategy has allowed us raise our online profile, to interact further with our current clients, and to gain a greater audience for our website content, which is key to marketing our services and gaining new clients.

“We would recommend Outwrite to all companies who are looking to stand out on social media and enhance their reputation online.”

Jim McClymont, Principal Environmental Scientist, Caulmert Ltd

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