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We’ve evolved from the PR agency that launched in 1994

Admittedly, it can be difficult to see where PR ends and SEO begins. And that’s before you throw social media into the mix as well.

The brand building industry, whether offline or online, is constantly evolving. How it looks today will be different in 18 months. Fortunately for you, we keep up to date with latest techniques, to stay ahead of the curve.

In 1994 when Outwrite was established as a public relations agency, its work predominently involved media relations and crisis communications. As the world became more digital, so did we. Our skills set means we now provide high quality content for websites, social media, blogs and SEO.

As a team of qualified and experienced journalists, we are best placed to produce and place such content because we:

  • Know how to find newsworthy stories – every organisation has them
  • Are qualified at writing – which means concise, jargon-free copy, without grammatical errors or misspellings
  • Understand media law – we won’t publish anything libellous
  • Are experienced at tailoring content for different audiences – we deliver the right message every time
  • Have many contacts on and off-line, plus a journalist’s ability to find and make new connections that will benefit you

We build your brand by placing engaging content in front of the people that matter most to you. Getting news and information in front of your target audience in today’s digital world is tougher than in the last millennium.

Early PR practitioners operated in a one-dimensional communications world: printed newspapers. There are now a myriad of communication channels to take into consideration.

Media evolution timeline

  • The first daily newspaper launched in 1702 in London, the Daily Courant, and the oldest consumer magazine still in print, The Scots Magazine, was published in 1739
  • In 1906, the first press release was issued by Ivy Lee
  • Radio broadcasts began in the 1920s and televisions became widespread in the 1950s
  • Digital journalism entered the fray in 1970 via Teletext
  • The first email was sent in 1971
  • The first website was created in 1991, and most news outlets had an online presence by 1996
  • Computers and the internet became popular in households from 1995
  • Social networks began life in the mid 90s, before becoming more mainstream from 2003 with the likes of Friends Reunited, Myspace and Facebook
  • The iPhone launched in 2007, followed by Android in 2008. The tablet’s popularity soared with the introduction of the iPad in 2010
  • In 2011 Google started to completely change its algorithm, with search rankings now based on a website’s unique, high-quality and engaging content
  • Apple joined the long list of tech companies to launch a ‘phablet’ – a cross between a tablet and a phone – in 2014


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Case study

A leading Chester law firm required PR assistance.

“Outwrite’s work has made a big difference to our profile and reputation. We have started being invited to tender against national household name competitors where we wouldn’t have been considered in the past.” 

Mike Caulfield

Managing Director , Caulmert

Case study

We were tasked with raising the profile of one of the UK’s leading wood recyclers.

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