Mold-based Jackson Fire & Security wanted to enhance and maintain its reputation in North Wales and Chester using social media.

The firm asked Outwrite PR to support its marketing team in developing and sustaining an effective social media campaign with monthly training sessions.

Planning and implementation 

Outwrite took time to fully understand Jackson Fire and Security’s overall business objectives, and how social media could assist the firm in achieving these.

During the 1-2-1 social media training sessions, Outwrite discusses how to create engaging content and stand out against competitors. We review previous posts and provide suggestions for on-going activity.

We also cover analysis and evaluation, to highlight the positive results achieved by the social media activity. We work with the marketing team to understand what ‘good’ data looks like, and how to feed the information back in to make social media campaigns more effective.

In addition, we provide ad-hoc telephone support to assist the team during the month, meaning they don’t have to wait for a formal training session to raise queries or concerns.


 “As someone who thought they knew social media, Outwrite has really opened my eyes to how useful the different platforms can be for businesses.

 “Being able to schedule posts and use analytics tools to monitor different posts and their effectiveness has been invaluable, as you can see first-hand how social media is contributing to the overall marketing effort.

“We have really increased our social media presence thanks to guidance from Outwrite and it’s become an extremely important part of our marketing strategy.

 Rachel Evans, Marketing Manager, Jackson Fire and Security

Social media training programme

Click to find out more about our six-month programme offering bespoke, 1-2-1 social media training, guidance, and consultancy.

Or contact us on 01352 706260 to discuss it further.

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