This article first appeared as Anthony Bullick’s column in the Daily Post business section on 26 April. 

Content marketing is the latest buzz phrase being used when discussing brand promotion.

But who does content marketing and how can it help businesses achieve their objectives?

Content marketing is about providing relevant content to help meet a customer’s need or solve their problem. This builds trust between a brand and the customer, which hopefully leads to more sales.

PR agencies are experts at enhancing reputations and building relationships between organisations and target audiences. An integrated PR agency will have the skillset to produce the content in a variety of formats in order to engage the user.

For example, are you trying to recruit apprentices or young people? Video will likely be the best format to communicate with potential applicants.

What content do they want? Do they want information about salary? Do they want to know what it’s like working away from home? Do they want to know what it’s like to work for that particular company?

Consider conducting journalistic-style video interviews with current apprentices. Potential candidates will likely listen to their peers more than the firm’s managing director or HR manager.

For a B2B IT company, what are the most common problems faced by other businesses?

Create visual content such as e-books or infographics to provide the solution. E-books and infographics will provide the answers in short, snackable, easy-to-consume chunks.

For example, an e-book exploring and answering top 25 Office 365 tips will provide value to potential customers who are experiencing issues. The user will likely remember your brand because of the assistance.

Recycle the content as blog posts written in short, sharp sentences to cater for people who prefer to read articles.

Use your channels to help distribute the content to your target audience. As well as sharing with your immediate social media community, use targeted paid promotion to place the content directly in front of people who will benefit.

And send it out via an email campaign to your database of contacts, making it as tailored as possible to increase engagement.

Finally, organisations including governing and professional bodies aim to build communities, and the successful ones have content marketing at their core.

For example, the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce benefits the business community by providing tips and advice for businesses of all sizes and shares them via its website, social media and quarterly magazine.