As part of our 20th birthday celebrations we present our top 20 tips for your content marketing.

Media relations
1.  Understand the media. When and how is best to contact them? What types of stories       are they looking for?
2.  Press releases should be written in short, sharp sentences
3.  Start by answering the who, what, when, where, why and how
4.  A suitable, press-style photograph should accompany the release

Social media
5.  Research where your target audience actually is
6.  Ensure branding is consistent. Your social media accounts need to be recognisable
7.  Only share useful and relevant information
8.  Have conversations with people – be social!

9.  Construct your website for people, not search engines
10.  Find out what information your customers want and provide it
11.  Interrogate your Google Analytics and find out what’s really happening on your site
12.  Videos that aid the customer journey and experience are crucial

13.  Ensure your database wants to receive the information you send
14.  Eye-catching visuals and subject lines are vital for engagement
15.  Tie your analytics to your website – what do people do when they click through?
16.  Send a test email to yourself first. Check all links are working and the formatting is correct

Website content
17. Give the visitor the content they expect. If they click an ‘about us’ link they should be faced with information about your organisation
18.  Have a mixture of copy, graphics, photos and videos
19.  Blog posts and latest news articles should be concise and jargon free
20.  Ensure the content fits in with any online marketing campaign

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