A special visitor dropped by Belgravia House this week, as Santa Claus came to discuss a crisis communications plan.

With his in-house PR department focused on the run-up to Christmas, Santa googled North Pole Crisis PR and found our website thanks to Tracy North crisis PR keywords.

Knowing that no such plan existed and that anyone, including Father Christmas himself, could be at the centre of a crisis at any point, he sprung into action.

Following a brief talk about the background of his business, we ran through possible scenarios and subsequent responses. With a mix of his inside knowledge and our expertise, we combined to draw up a huge list of possible issues that could arise.

Crashing the sleigh, staff strikes, losing his sleigh licence, redundancies, getting stuck in a chimney, choking on a cookie, the world no longer believing he exists, a fire at the workshop, production issues, bad press caused by a rift within the reindeer group. The list is endless

We then identified the spokespeople who would address the media in the case of a crisis.  We scheduled them all on a media training course so they would be prepared. Santa said that he didn’t need it and that “ho ho ho” would get him by. He is now on the basic media training session before he is put through his paces on a more advanced course.

After creating a set of approved procedures and protocols, we then discussed social media and how complex these have made communicating in a crisis. We had to take him back to basics and explain that Cupid was trending on Twitter for a completely different reason than because he was the new favourite reindeer.

With the crisis plan now implemented, Santa is well placed to protect his brand in the event of any crisis.