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Article on Will

Outwrite’s PR and digital marketing assistant Will has successfully completed his first continuing professional development (CPD) programme with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Will, who joined Outwrite in September 2015, is now on the way to becoming an accredited CIPR practitioner.

As an associate member of the CIPR, he was challenged to collect 60 points in a 12 month period by completing a variety of online activities and attending events about the PR industry.

Will attended Jane Tonge’s networking master class in Manchester and a seminar on digital marketing along with studying best practice in ethics, social media and media relations via e-books and webinars.

And he is not the only successful CIPR member at Outwrite, as digital director Anthony Bullick also completed the cycle to retain his chartered PR practitioner status.

CPD demonstrates a commitment to always learning about the ever-evolving PR industry through educational seminars, webinars, and reading.

All members of the CIPR are given the chance to commit to their professional development using CPD, with a record 2,000 CIPR members achieving 60 points or more this year.

Will said: “I’m really pleased to have completed this year’s cycle as it’s really beneficial to my work at Outwrite.

“The CPD programme has so much information on the PR industry and helps you develop both personally and professionally.

“CPD never stops, so I’m looking forward to learning more and finding out about the latest changes and innovations to the industry.”