Identifying your target audiences and the channels to communicate with them are just two of the steps required to promote successfully your brand.

Careful selection of wording to articulate your business’ key messages will also dramatically improve the success of your marketing campaign.

Do you send press releases to the media to earn coverage as editorial? If so, tightly-written and jargon-free copy, as well as an attention-grabbing headline, will increase your chances of an editor using your news story.

Remember to post the release on your website’s latest news section as well. Make sure this version contains key words and phrases researched by your SEO (search engine optimisation) team, to boost your site’s visibility in search engines.

Speaking of websites, the written content on them is important for two reasons. Firstly it provides an ideal opportunity to obtain a ranking for your site based on your chosen key words or phrases. Google analyses written content across entire sites as part of its process to select websites to list in its search results. However, avoid unnaturally filling the copy with keywords or search engines will penalise you.

Secondly, good quality, clearly-written content influences the visitor’s behaviour and decision making once they land on your website. If they don’t understand what they read, or can’t find the information easily, chances are they will not buy your products or services.

Are you seeking to build your social media following, or use the likes of Twitter to drive more traffic to your website? While your social media posting should inform, educate or entertain, telling your digital audience what your latest blog post is about will gain more clicks, as opposed to simply stating you have a new blog post.

Do you send a monthly e-newsletter to your database of contacts? Did you know the wording of the subject line impacts whether it goes to the inbox or spam folder? In the main body of the email, keep the wording short and snappy: users will likely switch off from big chunks of text. Word your titles and copy cleverly to encourage readers to click through to your website.

Is the distribution of leaflets or flyers a key part of your marketing mix? Get straight to the point with your messaging: avoid reams of copy if a bullet point will suffice.