Outwrite’s managing director Tracy North has appeared on national TV in a feature news item marking 20 years of devolution in government.

ITV Wales News asked Tracy for her comments on what devolution has done for Wales on the 20th anniversary of the nation voting for a devolved government in 1997.

The interview, conducted by business correspondent Carole Green, and Tracy was interviewed in her role as chair of CBI North Wales, a capacity in which she has regular contact with businesses from across north Wales.


The package was broadcast on ITV News’ Wales at Six, which is regularly watched by around 750,000 people across the country.

Tracy explained CBI members’ disappointment about persisting poor highway links in Wales, and slow decision making from the Welsh Government on major infrastructure projects such as the Caernarfon Bypass and the A494 improvements.

In addition to Tracy’s interview, Outwrite’s clients Wynne Construction and Ningbo were also represented with comments from the companies’ respective managing directors Chris Wynne and Chris Stockton.

Tracy said: “1997 might sound a long time ago, but it’s amazing to look at how far the Welsh Government has come since the yes vote twenty years ago.

“Devolution has also had benefits for the whole country. However, the north Wales economy is in desperate need of an improved highway infrastructure or it risks falling behind the north west of England and other regions across the rest of the UK.”

Tracy is a regular media commentator on business issue in Wales.

She has appeared on an advocate of the expansion of Heathrow Airport, as well as on Radio Wales, BBC Online and newspapers including the Daily Post commenting on issues affecting businesses in Wales.

Tracy, who founded Outwrite in 1994, has overseen the evolution of the media relations firm into an award-winning digital agency.

Its clients include the Wales Air AmbulanceWynne Construction, Mold-based chemicals firm Synthite, and engineering, planning and environmental specialists Caulmert.