Outwrite’s founder and managing director Tracy North contributed to a feature on the BBC News website.

The piece, published on the site which receives nearly 20 billion visits each year, looked at the issues that face North Wales-based businesses when travelling to South Wales.

As chair of CBI North Wales and owner of a Mold-based business, Tracy was asked for her thoughts on the issue of a transportation north-south divide in the country.

Acknowledging the difficulty in travelling to south Wales due to a lack of modern infrastructure, Tracy pointed out many businesses in the north opt to trade in the neighbouring north-west of England.

Tracy said: “East-west road links, such as the A55 and M4, are of greater importance to the majority of firms.

“These roads are vital for reaching clients quickly and efficiently, with a drive from the likes of Chester and Liverpool still leaving us with the majority of the day in our Mold office.

“When travelling to South Wales we face either a four hour drive or three hour train journey, which has a real impact on the working day.

Secretary of state for Wales Alun Cairns was also approached for comment and appeared to agree with Tracy, stating that the inclusion of North Wales in the Northern Powerhouse will be significant for the Welsh economy.

Tracy has been a long time campaigner for the involvement of North Wales in the regeneration of the northern economy, as she recently highlighted in a keynote speech to CBI members.

Take a look at the BBC piece in full here.

Founding Outwrite in 1994, Tracy has overseen the growth of the firm into an award-winning digital agency. Its clients include the Wales Air AmbulanceWynne Construction, Mold-based chemicals firm Synthite, and engineering, planning and environmental specialists Caulmert.