Public relations (PR) is a cost-effective and efficient tool to raise the profile and reputation of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). In fact a solid, well thought through PR campaign can deliver terrific results for SME’s.

It’s no co-incidence that Silicon Valley start-ups hire PR firms first to enable them to communicate their technology’s competitive advantage quickly and to a wide audience. Bringing in expert communications support to clearly explain exactly what they offer and, most importantly, the benefits it can bring.

Effective PR goes way beyond simply putting you on the front page of your local paper. For SMEs, it is about making sure you are speaking to the people that matter – the people you want to sell to.

Good PR enables business owners to have a voice within their industry. This could be in news media, blogs, videos and social media – in fact anywhere customers might see you. The key is to start small but think big and build your voice over different channels.

Good quality content that gets people talking about you and sharing on social channels can help to gradually build brand recognition, increase traffic to your website and improve search rankings.

It is about developing a simple and compelling story about your business and then creating ways to deliver that message to customers. The key is to ensure any communications strategy is highly targeted to ensure you are speaking to the right people.

Effective PR can be excellent value for money and will pay dividends in terms of building your brand; increasing awareness and ensuring you stand out from the crowd.