A Mold-based content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert has been in Las Vegas to speak at a major industry event.

Derek Booth, head of search marketing at Outwrite PR, was invited to the SEO Rockstars conference at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, to talk about his unique SEO techniques.

SEO is a digital marketing technique that improves search engine rankings on sites including Google and Bing. It is used to ensure websites are easily found online.expert

And Derek found himself in the rare position of speaking at the event having never attended before, as only industry-approved SEO practitioners are invited to speak at the conference.

SEO Rockstars is recognised as a high-end networking opportunity for SEO professionals, and is hosted by well-known American entrepreneur Dori Friend.

Derek’s talk explored the often-undervalued use of pay per click (PPC) in SEO, and how to find ‘killer keywords’ to improve search engine rankings.

During the three day event Derek took part in Q & A sessions where top-secret SEO techniques were discussed and even networked while on Las Vegas’ famous High Roller Ferris wheel.

Derek’s invite to Vegas came after an online SEO and PPC course he created was used by a fellow expert who contacted SEO Rockstars to recommend him as a speaker.

He also spent time in Phoenix, Arizona, following the conference, working with Kyle Roof, co-founder of the “SEO Intelligence Agency” (SIA) where Derek is one of the senior testers. The SIA tests SEO myths and ideas to see if they are ranking factors in Google search results.

Derek said: “The Rockstars SEO conference is one of the best networking events I’ve ever been to, as I was able to access information you simply can’t find on the web.

“It is a unique conference as it’s a 100% no pitch event – this means no one is selling anything to you as instead everyone shares and exchanges their top tips for SEO.

“It’s uncommon for someone to attend the conference for the first time as a speaker, so I was grateful to have the chance to discuss why PPC can be used by SEO experts – it was a brilliant event and I hope to return next year.

Derek is a Google Adwords Professional and programmer. At Outwrite, Derek contributes to online marketing and PR strategy. This includes directing and in some cases implementing optimisation and social media policies and tactics.

He also advises clients about improvements to their websites, sometimes working with the client’s web builders, to direct improvements and additions to client sites.

Photo caption: SEO expert Derek Booth, pictured fourth from left on the expert panel at the SEO Rockstars conference.