What’s your potential customer’s reaction when they think about your product or service? Does your business instantly come to their mind, or do they head to Google to find someone?

Regular marketing activity will place your brand front of their mind, and PR and reputation management will ensure they have a positive opinion about you. Successfully carry out both of these aims with one piece of content: a press release.

For your target audiences to think about you, they have to have been exposed to you. Identify where your audiences are and what the best communications channels are to reach them.

Then take your press release and recycle it across all of those channels. This negates the need to create separate pieces of content for each one, therefore saving you time and money.

Issue the press release to outlets such as local and regional newspapers, niche and trade magazines, and relevant online news sites. Trusted third parties such as the Daily Post sharing your story will increase its credibility among your target audiences.

Upload the article to your website. A latest news section charts the success of your organisation through positive stories such as contract wins, case studies, award wins and recruitment.

Include a link to the article in your next e-newsletter, encouraging people to click to your site to find out more. If you are attending an event or exhibition, consider producing print newsletters to share the content with your captive audience.

Use social media to share your success story, with links directing users to the article on your website for more information. Use LinkedIn’s publisher tool to increase engagement, and share it in relevant groups on the platform.

Are you a part of a membership organisation like the Institute of Directors or Chamber of Commerce? Both have regional bodies across the UK who share member news through their own magazines, social media, website, and at networking events.

Recycle the press release verbally at every networking event you attend. Talk about it in your two minute pitch, as well as when you’re working the room. When a contact rings you and asks how you are, don’t respond with the usual ‘I’m fine, how are you?’. Say how wonderful things are and share your news.

Keep your brand front of mind by communicating through all appropriate channels, and share positive news stories to influence opinion about you.