Printed newsletters are on the comeback trail as brands seek to cut through digital noise.

With today’s technology and rapid rise in the use of social media, the consumer is bombarded with information every single day. Stand out with a printed newsletter, a tactic that can be delivered as part of your communications strategy.

A printed newsletter can provide different types of content including news and tips and advice at different frequencies e.g. monthly or annually. It also allows key staff members to introduce themselves to their stakeholders. Readers can scan through quickly for a story that interests them whilst finding out other important or interesting news, without being overwhelmed with information.

The printed newsletter also provides a way for you to communicate with people who may be less tech savvy or live in a Wi-Fi black spot. For example, if you are a landlord, consider older tenants who could be missing out on important information or helpful tips regarding their home, especially during winter.

The newsletter can be handed to people at events or exhibitions. You can use your newsletter as a form of business card, leaving them in your reception area or handing them out after business and client meetings.

With a lot of companies turning paperless and taking to email to get information across, take this opportunity to send printed newsletters to your contacts, who are more likely to see it, rather than buried under tons of other emails and missed altogether.

Furthermore, people are more likely to be excited by post than an email as something dropping through a letterbox can be a rare occurrence! The printed newsletter is a solid form of communication that your customer has to look at first, whether they choose to read it or throw it away.

Finally, if your organisation’s ethos is sustainability, you can fortify and promote this through using recycled paper.

If you would like to find out more, contact Outwrite to discuss how a bespoke newsletter could benefit your organisation.