It all started with one social media post.

Then, the retweets came and everything snowballed. It was being shared across other platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Negative reviews started being left online. Influential third parties were publishing content in the form of blogs and videos.

Christmas was fast approaching but the wish lists were running dry. Production ground to a halt and there were rumours of redundancies which impacted the morale of the elves. (Transport was unaffected much to the relief of Rudolph et al).

The truth? Of course Santa could deliver all the presents in one night! But perception is reality. And thanks to that one tweet, the perception was that he couldn’t, and this was affecting orders.

Since our last meeting with St Nick, digital communications has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and this has placed more strain on keeping reputations intact (even if the news is fake!).

Here were our five key pieces of advice for online reputation management to help the orders flow again.

• Case studies and testimonials: a mix of video and written content to illustrate that Father Christmas has a history of delivering presents to every boy and girl across the world.
• Share this content across the website, email campaign, and social media.
• Paid social media: this helps key messages to be placed directly in front of a specified target audience.
• Influencer marketing: work with key people that his target audience trust.
• Reviews: increase the volume and quality of feedback being left across review sites

Finally, a proactive campaign was recommended to significantly decrease the chances of this happening again.

Taking all of this on board, Kris Kringle and his workforce were able to enjoy a merry festive period as were their loyal customers!