With 2015 fast approaching, what marketing trends should businesses have their eyes on to maximise their efforts next year?

Mobile usage was huge in 2014 and I predict that B2B marketers will witness their audiences go “mobile first”, which will result in more than 50 per cent of a website’s visits being on a mobile or tablet device in 2015.

Whether B2C or B2B, businesses producing content that can be read, watched and listened to with ease on a mobile will have better results than their competitors.

Measuring these results and using data to produce better campaigns will become more sophisticated and entwined with the day-to-day work of a marketer.

Reviewing, and handing over as reports, an overview page of Google Analytics stats will become obsolete as marketers and managers become wiser to the level of data actually available.

Analytical minds will be sought to interrogate and interpret the information to understand not only what is currently happening and why, but how to feed the data back in to significantly improve marketing activities.

Businesses will become smarter with how to use their content and reach target audiences by focusing on integration.

The silos will be smashed away and PR, SEO (search engine optimisation), social media and the rest of your marketing activities will work together to maximise RoI (return on investment).

Reproducing content across different channels, with an understanding of the nuances each one brings, will keep your key messages in tact

You will no longer ask yourself whether you focus on SEO over PR, but how each piece of content can be adjusted and tailored across multiple communication outlets.

For example, one press release will be optimised to give SEO value, issued to the media to earn coverage off- and online, uploaded to your website, talked about on social media with links back to your site, sent out in an e-newsletter and discussed verbally while networking.

Paid content, especially on social media, will become more prevalent as businesses aim to cut through the noise to assist content distribution.

With an increased number of brands vying for attention on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, paid or sponsored posts will provide a complete approach to a strategic social media campaign.

Using the mountains of data at your disposal, hyper-targeted campaigns will work in tandem with paid social media to ensure your paid content is delivered directly to the people who are most likely to engage with it.

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