The managing director of a PR agency has discussed how businesses can use communications to overcome hurdles presented by the coronavirus in a leading B2B magazine.

Anthony Bullick from award-winning Outwrite PR provided the expert commentary for Wales Business Insider and emphasised the importance of reassuring employees.

As a trusted online reputation management agency it was asked to provide its opinion on the changing world of work and to look at the lessons learned during the crisis.

Wales Business Insider is a regional B2B magazines and part of the UK’s most successful regional B2B media company. It is read every year by more than 200,000 subscribers while its website is visited by 250,000 unique users.

Anthony said: “Reassuring your employees through constant communication is a message we have instilled throughout the coronavirus outbreak; especially as furloughed workers return to work.

“In the feature, we explained how business leaders have learnt over the past few months that their staff should be at the heart of their plans, with their health and wellbeing the top priority.

“Studies show that three quarters of people (74 per cent) are worried about fake news and false information about the virus, but they believe their employers most readily – with 63 per cent only needing to see information repeated once or twice from the company they work for before believing it.

“Employers therefore have a responsibility to inform their team of the steps they are taking in the workplace.

“During the pandemic, we’ve learnt a lot about the way different employers operate and they will be remembered for this long after the virus has gone. This ultimately affects sales as well as wider business operations such as recruitment and staff retention

“Our advice is to focus on the steps you are taking to ensure your employees are safe and aware of their situation, rather than focusing on attempting to get back to some form of operational normality. Be honest and transparent with your plans. It’s best to admit you are facing challenges than not at all as silence leaves room for rumour and misinformation.”

You can read the article here, Anthony features on page 31:

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