To introduce our occasional “Something you never knew about…” feature, we focus on our online marketing specialist, Derek Booth.
Derek’s claim to fame is that he was once crowned a world record holder by global software firm Atari, for achieving the top score in its game Yars Revenge.
The year was 1981, Derek was 11, and had neglected homework and most other aspects of normal living, except for playing football, to play for the umpteen hours required to clock up millions of points on his Atari 2600.
For his efforts, he received a letter of acknowledgement from Atari and a sticker, which he put on his headboard.
Derek said: “I was thought of as a nerd. Kids who played computer games were shunned. The only computer game shop in my home town of Wigan was down a back alley. “Nevertheless it was a moment of great pride.”

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