Never has the adage ‘be careful what you commit to print’ been truer than in the case of beleaguered public relations chief executive Keith Zakheim.

The US-based company boss was furious when he arrived at his New Jersey workplace and discovered that his staff had used up the last of the milk.

Desperate for a coffee and angered that company rules concerning replacement of milk, had been ignored, Zakheim fired off an internal email threatening that if it happened again ‘someone is getting fired.’

In a fit of pique, he continued: “I am not happy and am at my wit’s end… This is not an empty threat so PLEASE don’t test me.’

Zakheim may well have been having a bad morning, but it only got worse after the missive was leaked and quickly made news across the world.

Not only has he damaged employee relations but has exposed his multi-million dollar business to internet ridicule.

As a PR man he should have known that his threats would be leaked.

If you don’t want to make headlines for the wrong reasons don’t commit such thoughts to writing!

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