LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for professionals, yet some of its best networking tools go unused. One of the most effective ways to network on LinkedIn is to get involved in groups.

  1. Join the right groups

LinkedIn is all about professionals meeting other professionals in their line of work. Join groups interested in your sector, and make sure they’re filled with people who are pro-active on the site.

  1. Be a leader

If such a group doesn’t exist, create your own to be seen as positive and progressive. As the creator of the group, you can also be the first point of contact for new members looking to join.

  1. Stay active

Comment on other posts, join in discussions and conduct polls for your own market research. Participating frequently in groups will mean you’re more likely to be recognised by other users.

  1. Involve your familiar faces

Even though LinkedIn’s primary focus is networking, it is important that you involve those who are already part of your business. Connect and engage with employees to help promote your organisation as a positive workplace and to strengthen your reputation.

  1. Don’t go overboard

Joining too many groups may inhibit your chances of finding the right people you want to do business with.  Instead of trying to keep up with more than 20 groups, focus on the two or three that matter most.