My first year at Outwrite has been action packed. Within 12 months, I’ve already completed my Continued Professional Development accreditation with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and achieved a promotion.

I also had to adjust to working from home in my first six months at the agency, with training sessions and client meetings moving online via Zoom.

After teaching English in Vietnam for six months upon graduating with a degree in English and history, I joined the team as a junior account executive, my first role within the industry.

Since then, I have helped organise a charity conference to mark our 25th birthday, attended training events across North Wales and the North West as well as from the comfort of my own home and played a key role in a range of integrated campaigns for clients.

I wanted to join an industry that would allow me to work creatively and connect with people in a range of sectors across the country. Initially I applied for the role of account executive and whilst I was unsuccessful due to my lack of relevant experience, Outwrite created a junior role for me and I eagerly accepted it.

I have learnt how to do things from scratch, such as creating infographics for paid social media and shooting and editing videos. It’s really enhanced my skillset. Initially I thought the role would be heavily based on writing press releases but I’ve created so much more in my time so far.

The thing I’ve enjoyed most is that I’m not just sat in an office typing away. Before COVID, I was out and about meeting people from different sectors across the region and working with different programmes to produce a whole host of media.

I feel really proud to have been recognised for my hard work and promoted to account executive after my first six months in the company. It was also a nice thing to happen for me during lockdown.

As it’s a small team, I’ve been involved in decision making and discussions with client campaigns and felt like my voice and my ideas have been heard. Sometimes in big groups it can be hard to get your opinion heard!

Finally, the bespoke training programme put together for me has also contributed towards my quick progression within the company. Outwrite also pay for my membership of the CIPR, our industry body, and I have loved being part of a community that has encouraged growth and learning from day one.

Here’s to the next 12 months in the ever-changing world of PR!