What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is defined as “the process of making changes to a website so that traffic from search engines increases.”

Why SEO?

Put simply, increasing your visibility on search engines like Google improves your ranking – putting your website higher up the list (and hopefully top) when someone searches for a particular word of phrase.

This will result in increased traffic to your website. More visitors equals more opportunities to sell your product or service.

Key SEO tips

  • Content is king – Like humans, Google loves interesting, original copy like blogs and press releases. The more original content on a site, the better its rankings will be
  • Use keywords – using the right keywords for your site is crucial. Remember to use keywords that your potential customers will be searching for
  • Embrace linkbuilding – Remember to link to other sites from yours and try to attract links to your site from elsewhere. This will show Google that your site is reputable and a source of useful information
  • Tell Google what your page is about – Make sure important meta data like the HTML title and description use keywords and give users a clear idea of what your site is offering

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