So, as a pro-active online marketer, you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, as well as creating a LinkedIn company profile and Twitter account.

You’re building a following on each platform by sharing interesting content and engaging with fellow users.

Not only that, you’re also using SEO tactics like keywords, video content and important meta data such as the HTML title and description to boost your search engine rankings.

You’re doing everything you can to promote your business online, right? Wrong.

The new Google+1 button (not to be confused with Google+, the new social networking site) is the search engine giant’s answer to the Facebook ‘like’ button – and it has the potential to be a game changer.

In essence, the +1 feature allows a web user to recommend websites to their friends and contacts. These recommendations then appear in search results.

As noted by Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore in a blog for CNN:

“This little widget is an acknowledgment that links are no longer the only way to rank websites. Instead, people are increasingly discovering content through their friends on social networks…..those little +1 votes being cast around the web are starting to change the order of Google’s search results.”


Without getting too technical, that means businesses and organisations really need to sit up and take notice of what is a powerful new tool in the world of SEO.

We will be adding a +1 button to the Outwrite site in the coming weeks, and are recommending that our clients do the same.

Contact us today for an informal discussion about using the new +1 feature to boost your online marketing.

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