Twitter’s latest feature Moments, which aims to keep users on the social media site longer, made its long-awaited launch in the UK.

UK users will now find a lightning bolt at the bottom of their Twitter app alongside the usual features.

‘Moments’ is a news feature, and to many an upgraded version of the social media’s now-retired Discover section.  The aim of Moments is to give users access to a mainstream news service within the Twitter app.

Twitter hopes this will establish its service as more than just a micro-blogging platform, which often leads to users clicking to other sites for mainstream news stories.

Although each national branch of Twitter has access to moments, the news stories are not universal.

Each country has a dedicated team to select news stories that matter most. For example, UK Moments has included British astronaut Tim Peake and weekly coverage of Prime Minister’s questions.

As Twitter continues its campaign for user growth, it will be interesting to see how successful ‘Moments’ becomes.