Tremors were felt across the social media world when Twitter announced it will experiment with a 10,000 character limit – a seismic shift from its current 140 character posts.

Rumours have been rife about this change, dubbed ‘beyond 140’, since September 2015. And Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey updated the world (via Twitter, of course!) advising that the company is not against increasing space for users to type their thoughts, feelings and stories.

It has met a strong reaction already.

Some feel this is an abrupt move from Twitter, which has been accused of making the change to satisfy investors who wish to boost their company shares.

Current tests indicate tweets will still appear in the same format, with content beyond the 140 characters displayed via a ‘read more’ button.

Twitter believes upping the character limit could attract new users, and add a fresh feel to what is now the social media platform of choice for many.

Whatever the real reason for this move, it’s one of the biggest changes ever made by any social media brand.

Rather than an adjustment to design or change of font, Twitter is about to alter a fundamental part of its product since it launched in 2006.

The 10,000 character limit may reduce the amount of users jumping to other websites to read more. This would certainly make Twitter attractive to advertisers.

Whatever the true impact of ‘beyond 140’ is, Twitter can expect a turbulent time over the coming months.


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