The design of a website is crucial for attracting potential customers to your products and services. But it’s the content that will keep them there.

In addition, the copy on your web pages plays an important role in SEO. Google will evaluate the content to determine where your website ranks for different key phrases.

Compare these top 5 tips to your own website. Does Google like what it sees? Is it turning customers away?

Conduct keyword research

Perform keyword research (link to keyword blog) to find out what phrases your customers use when they search online. Use these words in the copy. As long as the content is relevant and useful, this will improve your SEO score over your competitors. This will increase the chances of your website being placed above their site.

Keep it short and precise

Thanks to the internet, customers have the ability to quickly compare products for quality, price, reviews etc. If faced with a wall of writing, they are likely to exit your website without making any notes or even taking down contact details.

Think about titles

The first thing your website visitors read is the title of the copy. Spend time to think about how to make the title draw customers into the article. The title also has SEO benefits so link this to the keyword research.

Use images

Whether it’s photos, graphics or cartoons, images aid the message you are trying to deliver. Visual content is more important now than ever.

Write with the user in mind

The content should not cause the customer to stop and think, so avoid long words and jargon. If users like your website then Google will. And if Google likes your site, customers will find it.