With 238 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.

As well as the individual user accounts, LinkedIn allows businesses to create company pages.

But how can these pages be used effectively to grow awareness around your business and increase sales?

Follow our three tips below to ensure your LinkedIn strategy works for you.

Overall layout

Treat the page like your shop floor.  Make it presentable, inviting and full of relevant information.  You wouldn’t leave half your shelves empty so fill in all the information, including your services.

The company overview should tell your story, with the focus being on what your customers want to know.  Short, sharp sentences that are free of jargon are a must.

It’s often the small things that let companies down when they create an online presence.

Engagement and promotion

Get creative with your content. Clever content will boost your page’s visibility and generate more leads.

What interests your followers? What gets them talking? What information are they likely to share?

The more people that like, comment or share your content, dramatically increases the exposure it receives.

Put the spotlight on your services and products

The services/product description section is a fantastic feature that allows you to put the spotlight on your services or products.  Utilise the image space, title and description to maximise interest.

Encourage people to recommend your services and products. Their recommendations will show up in their own timeline, which increases the visibility of that particular product.

Recommendations will also assist customers when it comes to the buying process.  A service or product that has been endorsed, looks more appealing than one that hasn’t.