A common mistake when producing content to attract visitors to your website is ignoring keyword research.

For example, did you know that 80% of searches online look for instructions or advice, rather than a specific service or product.

Once you understand what your customers are actually searching for, you can tailor your content (website copy, blog etc) so that they find you instead of your competitors.

Follow these three simple steps to uncover the key phrases your customers use.

Google Adword Keyword tool

This free offering from Google allows you to research the popularity of certain phrases. Try inputting what you think your customers search for and have a look at how many searches a month that phrase gets. Google will also provide a list of alternative suggestions that may be of interest.

PPC campaign

A small PPC (pay per click) campaign will highlight what phrases attract visitors to your website and which ones don’t. You can also track their actions once they have landed on the website. If 100% of visitors that land on your site due to a particular phrase leave without doing anything, it’s time for a review.

Focus group

This can be as big or as small as you like. Use people that have various links to your company, such as senior management, sales staff, marketing agency and customers.

Come up with scenarios that you expect would bring website visitors. Ask what each of them would search for in Google to deal with that scenario. Note the differences.  Compare what your customers say they would search for with what you originally thought they would search for.


Keyword research is vital to an effective SEO campaign. Failing to attract any, or drawing irrelevant visitors as a result of SEO, is a waste of time and money. It usually occurs as a result of neglecting keyword research.

Keyword research is also ongoing. New phrases may arise and old phrases decline in use. Continue to monitor, to keep your SEO on track and visitor numbers up.