TV and radio interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, but with the right preparation there is no need to worry. Outwrite has put together some pointers to ensure you make the most of your time in the limelight.

Questions to ask before your radio or TV interview

  • Will it be live or recorded?
  • The journalist will tell you the topic.  Find out also what is the angle they will be taking.
  • Will anyone else be interviewed?
  • Is the interview for a programme or a news bulletin?  Which one?
  • How long will the interview last?
  • When will it be broadcast?

During the interview

  • Find out what will be the first question
  • Speak in short sentences
  • Give a self-contained reply each time.  Don’t answer: “As I said before, the…” as this may confound the editing process
  • It’s OK to repeat information in successive answers:  unless it’s live, this interview will be edited and some answers will be cut out