Appearing at the top of Google rankings for key search phrases does not happen by magic.  Whether you currently have an SEO strategy or have been meaning to put one in place to attract visitors to your website, the following five elements must be taken into account.

Keyword research

Before you even begin to think about copy and other content, you need to understand which phrases your customers are using. When a search is made, Google brings back results based on what it deems the user wants.

To find out the phrases that will drive traffic to your site:  use Google’s keyword tool, assess your Google analytics and review results from your PPC (pay-per-click) campaign.

Web copy

When you know your keywords, have a look at the copy on your web pages. Does it match? Before you change it though, remember, Google will penalise a website for keyword stuffing. The copy needs to be user-friendly: written in plain English, without jargon, relevant and informative.


Users love fresh, regular and relevant content. And what the user loves, Google loves. A blog is a great way to frequently update your site with great content. Remember that keyword research? Tailor your copy around the phrases your customers are using for maximum effect.


Link generation

In a nutshell, link generation is when a link is placed on an external website which directs people to your site. The more that people link to your website, the more authority you are perceived to have. After all, if all those people are linking to you, you must be a trustworthy, valuable source of information.

As with all things Google, it’s quality over quantity. Don’t spend time gathering tons of rubbish links; focus your energy on links that provide greater value.

Social media

If people share your content (a web page, a blog post etc) on social media, they are recommending you. As mentioned previously, if users approve of you, so will Google. The search engine giant takes these social signals into account when bringing results back.

More information

We will be publishing further blog posts over the coming weeks that will look into each element in more detail. Make sure to check back so you don’t miss out.