Setting up a LinkedIn profile is an easy and useful thing to do, both for yourself, and your employer; it’ll help you showcase your own capabilities, help you promote your ideas and business, as well as get new insights and opportunities from others. But, if you want to turn humdrum into something better, there are a few things that you can do to really make yourself stand out.

How fresh is your head shot?

That headshot you got at that stand at that expo looked great at the time. It still looks great to be honest. But you don’t look like that anymore, do you?

Smartphone cameras have been good enough for just about anything for years now. So, with a little patience and care, you can bring that up to date in no time.

Natural light will provide much better images than artificial. So, unless you’ve invested in lighting equipment, either head outside or stand by a big window and you’ll get fantastic results.

Are you making the most of what LinkedIn lets you show off?

You get three lines to show off in your “about” section before people have to click to read more. While it might be tempting to have a snappy single line paragraph, in reality it means you’re chopping a third off what you can show people to entice them to see more.

Make those lines include your number one key message to deliver the impact you are hoping for.

Banner photos

It’s easy to miss that banner photograph – many people don’t bother putting anything in there. But it’s a brilliant opportunity to show something else that you’ve worked on, something that you do, or even use it to show there’s a bit more to you other than work.

Make sure you’re picking a good quality photo; a pixelated mess looks careless. And make sure you pick something interesting to look at. A good landscape photo, something from that half marathon you ran, or even a close up photo of your bookshelf. It’ll make you stand out and make you look a bit more thoughtful.


Recommendations are a proven way of building a picture about yourself, as someone who’s competent and well thought of.

The testimonials you give others as well as the ones you receive all show up, so don’t feel shy about waxing lyrical about colleagues, former colleagues or clients. Similarly, don’t avoid asking for a recommendation directly.

What work have you been doing?

You get multiple opportunities to show what sort of work you do – and the results you achieve.

You have scope for including content in your experience tab ranging from copy to rich media including pictures and links.

In addition, you can also add examples in your featured box – either through links, or through highlighting posts you’ve shared.

This is an ideal space for sharing news clippings, expert commentary articles or significant project updates.

Thirdly, LinkedIn allows you to publish case studies in its projects section.

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