With a lack of networking events and other face-to-face meetings, the B2B purchasing cycle has changed slightly as decision makers rely more on desktop research.

This is placing a greater emphasis on a brand’s own platforms to immediately build trust with the potential client and convince them it is the best option.

This goes beyond simply having a section on your website dedicated to testimonials or having a good design.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the customer journey.

Review your Google Analytics to understand what the popular landing pages are, which is likely the first impression you portray.

While this may be the home page, it could be a specific product or service page or a niche such as sector or geography.

It’s here that they will begin to form an opinion about you.

Ensure that while the copy clearly states what you do and how, demonstrate the impact it could have on the reader’s organisation.

Third parties shouting about how brilliant you are adds a huge amount of credibility.

Include relevant testimonials and links to case studies in situ because the visitor wants the information in one place, and having to click to read all the endorsements or try and find the work you’ve carried out may be a barrier.

Consider video testimonials or case studies as well as infographics as people prefer to consume media in different ways.

Share any content that positions you as a leader in your sector. For example, if you have written a book or contributed to industry research, include a section on this, which links through to the main story on your site.

Similarly, if you have provided expert commentary or thought leadership to a key media outlet as editorial, discuss this briefly on the page and direct traffic to more about it.

Include a widget that automatically shows your latest news on the page when you upload an article. This means your stakeholders are more likely to see positive stories such as new client wins and recruitment.

As part of their research, the individual may also view your social media channels. Do they convey the messages you want potential clients to take away?

In addition to ensuring the accounts look professional, pin posts to the top of your profiles so the number one piece of content you want people to see is in pole position.

Develop your social media strategy to ensure a steady stream of content is published to enhance your reputation.