Image by betsyweber, via Flickr on a Creative Commons licence

The Outwrite team recently attended a useful and insightful event run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) on social media.

Brazen PR’s digital director Paul Fabretti gave an informal talk on the tools and techniques available to effectively manage the multiple social media channels out there.

It was the first of two events we will attend this month. Tomorrow (13 July) we will be taking part in an SEO workshop, also run by the CIPR.

As well as the educational benefits, events like these also give us the chance to catch up with old contacts and generate some new ones.

But it’s the chance to hear what others in the industry think and gather some fresh ideas and knowledge that appeals the most.

No matter what level you are at, or how successful you have been, there is always that piece of information or an idea you never thought of that could enhance your overall development.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is common in most professions and in public relations, it forms an essential part of becoming a CIPR accredited practitioner or chartered practitioner.

It’s not just attending events that gives you CPD kudos. Studying, networking, reading academic books and volunteering are just some of the many ways in which the CIPR recognises the effort you put in to bettering yourself and the industry generally.

People can become comfortable with the way they work and do business while the world changes around them. Before they know it they, and their business, are five steps behind their competitors.

CPD will help ensure that not only will you not get left behind, you will be one of the front runners in your industry because as Sir Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power.”