If you’ve phoned the offices, you’ve likely spoken to Stacey, who is your first point of contact when you get in touch.

So what does Stacey do when she’s not answering the phone to our lovely clients and suppliers? Well, it’s probably easier to say what she doesn’t do!

Stacey, who joined the agency two years ago in an administrator role, also counts internal processes, bookkeeping, accounts, and organising the Christmas party (Stacey’s number one priority every year!) in her job role.

And thanks to the new software and process changes devised and implemented, the agency is performing more efficiently than ever.

“I started my career in the textiles industry, working in admin and sales, before joining a national finance company. I worked my way up from secured loans administrator to branch manager. I also mentored budding managers in the company.

“Throughout my different roles and responsibilities, I became aware of how important efficiency is to businesses.

“When the vacancy came up at Outwrite, I saw it as an ideal opportunity to transfer my skills and knowledge into a growing digital PR agency. There was the opportunity to introduce new systems, streamline processes and play a role in helping the agency move forward.”

And two years on, Stacey, who holds an Institute in Leadership Management (ILM) qualification, is still enjoying her work at Outwrite and relishing the busy and varied nature of each day.

 “The work is exciting and fast paced, but that suits me and I really enjoy it. My official title is administrator, but every day I ensure the firm is running smoothly through tasks including bookkeeping, accounts, internal project management – basically anything that will make the team’s job easier.”

“Processes are really important to any business and at Outwrite we use specific guidelines to make sure we’re being as productive as possible. This ensures our clients get the best possible service and outcome.

 “I’ve introduced some new methods and systems since joining Outwrite, including a new online task platform, and made changes to existing software such as our time management and accounts systems.

 And along with her busy work life with Outwrite, Stacey keeps up with a fast paced lifestyle at home too.

 “When I’m not at work, I’m busy running my two boys around – who seem to have a better social life than me! I enjoy reading, spending time with friends, and watching a good series on Netflix.”