This Halloween, let vampires and witches be the only thing that scares you with our social media mistakes to avoid.

Grisly grammar 

Grammatical errors in your content can appear unprofessional and leave people wondering if you lack attention to detail in other areas. Can they expect mistakes with your services and products? Proof your content before hitting the publish button.

Scary strategies

Or worse… no strategy at all! Having a social media strategy in place helps you achieve aims and objectives for your business. Using social media aimlessly will lead to wasted time for your business and make it harder to create a brand image that is consistent and clear.

Spine tingling spamming

Don’t clog your followers’ timelines with pointless posts, it’s a sure way to get yourself unfollowed. Put yourself in their shoes. They will want to see relevant and interesting content from you. Save day-to-day activities for Instagram stories.

Frighteningly fake

Showing your personality through social media not only helps with selling yourself and increasing interaction, but can also help with recruitment. Use social media as a window into your workplace to help with your recruitment strategy to find suitable candidates with the right personality.

Revolting reactions

You can’t please everyone and therefore there may be times you receive backlash in the forms of sarcastic comments or complaints. Companies that stand out for the right reasons are the ones who tackle feedback well. There are even occasions when your stakeholders can come to your support.

Some companies stand out for the wrong reasons, such as hurling abuse back at said commenter. Don’t be one of them!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!