Despite the growing popularity of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as a business owner it can be difficult to know how to best harness their power.

Many people we have spoken to say that while they like the idea of having a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or blog, they are not convinced it will attract new customers or drive sales.

However, here at Outwrite we believe that – executed properly – social media can play an integral part in a company’s overall marketing strategy.

Aside from boosting your rankings on Google, social media can help you punch above your weight as a business and connect with a whole new audience.

It can also help you to make new contacts, keep abreast of developments in your sector and even alert you to new business opportunities.

Crucially, it’s the communication method of choice for the decision makers and key influencers of tomorrow’s business world.  It’s important to remember that, even if you don’t engage with social media, your customers and prospects could well be.

That’s why Outwrite’s introduced a social media service to help firms get set up. We’ve already advised several firms – including LBW Accountants, Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK and Welsh//Slate – on aspects of their strategies.  We also trained voluntary groups from Denbighshire in how to use social media, as part of a recent training course we ran for Cadwyn Clwyd.

Currently, we’re initiating social media for a new company in the renewable energy sector.

Lee Webster, Managing Director of LBW Accountants, said: “We are running own social media, but needed help to improve our set-up.  Over the course of an afternoon, the team at Outwrite gave us some extremely valuable, practical tips on how to use websites like Twitter and Facebook effectively.

“Since the session we have made some changes, including setting up a blog, and we’re starting to see some really encouraging results. Outwrite really opened our eyes to the possibilities.”

Outwrite is offering a range of packages, from basic set-up and one-off advice sessions through to drawing up policies and guidelines and ongoing handling of various social media accounts.

As former journalists, we have the skills to create engaging, readable content and are on the ball when it comes to commenting on what’s topical.

That leaves you free to get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

For a free 30 minute consultation, call Tracy or Mike today on 01352 706260.

Tips:  How to harness social media

  • Firstly, decide your objectives.  Don’t just dive in.
  • Choose the right platform eg Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, YouTube
  • Be patient: don’t expect results overnight
  • Adopt a conversational, informal tone – allow your personality to come through
  • Facebook isn’t just for personal use: some businesses can benefit from setting up a page
  • A blog can be a central hub for your social media activities eg link to Twitter
  • A blog also allows you to become an online publisher without needing any technical skills
  • On Twitter, follow interesting people, eg colleagues, industry experts, journalists or celebrities with an interest/connection to your area
  • Many mobile phones have a camera capable of recording video that is good enough for YouTube

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