This post first appeared in Anthony Bullick’s Daily Post column.

With an increasingly wide range of PR and marketing channels and routes to your stakeholders, finding the right way to focus your energy for maximum gain is ever-more vital.

However, with a little forethought and planning, it’s possible to take one core piece of content and repurpose it to reach more of your target audience elsewhere to reinforce your messaging.

This forms the cornerstone of integrated PR and communications: by telling one story across different mediums, you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Start with video content, perhaps a case study with a client, expert commentary, or a how-to instructional.

Consider cutting out 20-second clips that can be used to enhance your social media beyond your usual post with a photograph. This will enhance the viewer’s experience and engage them with your brand for much longer that they perhaps normally would.

Transcribe the footage for a press release or blog to post fresh content on your website in a different format, as well as liaise with the media over its inclusion as editorial if its newsworthy.

Integrate the video into other marketing literature or company documents such as digital sales brochures or your annual report to add life and interactivity, which will capture the attention of the reader.

It could also be used to inspire content marketing such as infographics or an e-book to provide visual options for consuming the key messages.

Strip out the audio and launch a podcast; this medium is growing exponentially and can add a dynamic and intriguing element to your PR and marketing mix.

Host the video on YouTube, the second biggest search engine, and enhance your brand’s visibility on the platform by including well-optimised descriptions and titles.

Publish each format of the content on your website to assist with search engine optimisation (SEO) and increase your organisation’s presence in search results.

In addition, share each piece via email, such as an e-newsletter, to place it directly in your target audience’s inbox.

Include the video, podcast, blog and infographic in your social media content calendar to boost engagement on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Add them to your paid social media activity and run A/B testing to discover which style attracts the most results.

Finally, if you have worked or collaborated with a third party such as a client, ask them to share on their own channels as their network is likely to include potential customers for you.