A website is a vital tool in your marketing mix. Here are a few reasons why you should review it.

The buying process begins online

Nine out of ten people you discuss your products or services with have already researched you online. What are your website messages? If a potential client lands on your homepage, is it immediately obvious what you can offer them?

54% of the buying process is over before they reach your sales team

We live in an age where choice is available at the click of a mouse. Before consumers even engage with your sales rep, they have been online comparing companies, products and prices.  If your website doesn’t portray in an appealing way what you offer, you will not be contacted.

Where your consumer goes, your website goes

Smartphones allow your website to be accessed anywhere in the world. That’s fantastic news, unless your website doesn’t transfer well to a smaller screen. If that’s the case, you will be missing out on potential sales. Ensuring your website displays correctly and is still user-friendly on a mobile or tablet is key.

Is your office open at 3am on Christmas Day?

OK, so you probably won’t have anyone wanting to contact you at this time. The point is that your website is available at any time. Customers and clients do not need to wait for your phone lines to open to have their question or need resolved. Does your website satisfy their needs?

Trust is a necessary part of a relationship

What are you hiding? Why do you look shifty? Where have you been? These are all questions that may be asked of your company if your website isn’t spot-on. If you don’t have a website or information is lacking, what are you hiding? If your website looks dated and jaded, where have you been? Throwing your arms open to welcome visitors into your business goes a long way to building that trust.

Summary: Objection overruled

We understand that a concern you may have is around time and money. A thorough and tailored strategy will ensure deadlines are met, while the benefits of increased sales will give you the return on investment.

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