Do you want to know how to target PR to give you good results?

Outwrite is introducing a series of podcasts containing tips about good PR practice. Produced and presented by BBC national radio producer and Outwrite team member Karen Maurice, they will cover a range of topics including: What is PR?; the importance of PR in a recession; case studies of successful campaigns and how to use social media effectively as part of a PR campaign. The first is now available here.

Top tips for making podcasts:


  • Decide beforehand the subject areas you would like to cover in the discussion – eg industry topics, company news, professional tips and advice
  • Will your podcast be part of a series or a one-off? If it is going to be a one-off, aim to create ‘timeless content’ that will still be relevant months later
  • Think about how many team members should speak on the podcast
  • Decide if you want a record a one-to-one interview, or a group discussion, with or without a presenter
  • Listen to other podcasts to gain an idea of what works and what doesn’t
  • Once you have settled on a format for the discussion, draft a rough script containing bullet points of key messages to get across. However, do not follow a script parrot-style as the resulting podcast will sound stilted and awkward
  • Think in advance about how you will use the podcast. What are you trying to achieve by recording it?
  • Consider how users will access the podcast to listen to it. Will it be accessible from your website? If so, from which section? For example, Outwrite includes podcasts in the blog section of our website.
  • Decide how long the finished podcast should last. 5 minutes or 10 minutes? The time always flies by once you’re recording
  • Invest in a good microphone – sound quality can make all the difference
  • Consider investing in some podcast editing software
  • Consider how you will edit the podcast and upload it to your website
  • How you will record your podcast? Directly into the computer, on a mini disk player or using a podcast flash player?


  • Sit close to the microphone (but not too close!) and speak clearly
  • Make sure lights and computers are switched off in order to minimise background hum
  • Run through the material beforehand to make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet – this should minimise the amount of re-starts needed
  • Don’t worry about making a mistake.  It isn’t live, so you can re-record your point.
  • Try to be yourself and speak naturally

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