This article first appeared as Anthony Bullick’s column in the Daily Post business section on 31 May.

If you wish to target a particular sector or customer type to position your brand as the experts, your content will play a crucial role in succeeding.

The starting point for any organisation should be demonstrating experience and illustrating to potential buyers that they can trust to do business with you.

Case studies and testimonials provide real-life examples of other people that have had a positive encounter with your company, and that you delivered on your promises.

When writing a case study, tell a story to engage readers: people like to read and hear stories, and are more likely to remember your good work.

Include a quote from the third party to add a human element, and include images to help people picture what success could look like for them.

Upload the case study on your website and share on your own communication channels. Send in an e-newsletter to your database, and post on your social media. Research hashtags relevant to the sector to connect your content to online conversations, and encourage senior members of your team to publish it on their LinkedIn profiles.

Consider paid social media activity to place the content directly in front of a relevant audience. Social media advertising has advanced considerably to allow for highly-targeted campaigns.

As the case study is written as a story, it may be of interest to third party publications including trade magazines and niche websites which cover the sector.

Securing coverage as editorial (ie not paid for) in respected and valued third party media adds huge credibility to your brand.

Regularly consume trade media to identify additional opportunities to earn coverage as editorial. For example, do they have monthly features that focus on a particular business person or region? Do they have opinion pieces?

Even if there isn’t a set guest column, many media outlets will accept relevant expert commentary articles that will be of interest to their audience.

Is there upcoming change in legislation? Is there a national topic you can offer insight on? Can you provide value to the reader with guidance and advice on a popular query?

Recycle the content on your website and use the marketing tactics outlined above to increase reach and maximise exposure.

In addition to the written word, produce visual content including videos and infographics.

Create a hub on your site to collate all sector-specific content in one central place to make it easy for visitors to fully understand and appreciate your expertise.