Rather than recall information you can get on Wikipedia about what happened in the UK and across the world in 1994, we have taken a different look at the year in question.

Outwrite team members have divulged what they were up to in the year that the National Lottery was launched, the Channel Tunnel opened and the USA hosted the football World Cup.


In early 1994 I was starting Outwrite from the spare room above the garage at home.  I’d decided to give freelancing a go, and resigned my salaried day job as a journalist.

I bought a 1930s art deco-style desk that had been salvaged by a second-hand furniture dealer from the Cunard offices at the Liver Building in Liverpool.

I joined a gym, in the belief that, as I was now my own boss, I could work out in the afternoon, so long as I made up the time in the office in the evening. I soon discovered that in the world of self-employment, one works both anyway.

I persuaded my now husband, Mark, to volunteer to do the bookkeeping, which he set up using pencil and eraser in two smart red ledgers.  I bought a second hand Mac II that looked like an elongated cube with a small screen.

One of my early clients was the then local authority – Delyn Borough Council, for which I acted as a press officer.  Another is still a valued client today: Kevin Jones, now managing director of Synthite.

Towards the end of 1994, Mark and I dared to take a short break, on a last-minute Thomson Square Deal to Majorca.  While I was away, a client had conveyed a message he wanted to speak and, for some reason, I ended up calling him from a Spanish public phone box, pumping pesetas into the slot to maintain the international connection.

FfionFfion 1994
In 1994 I was a first year student at Aberystwyth University studying Welsh. Alongside the lectures I enjoyed acting, singing, reciting and reading. 

My career aspiration before PR was to be an actress or TV presenter.  I also played for the women’s rugby team at Aber for some time!

My typical outfits were horrendous. I cringe at all the photos, particular the denim dungarees, which at the time I adored.

One of my memories from university is writing essays on the library computers, despite never having previously used one until that point.

In 1994 the introduction of the Sony Playstation changed my world. I lived in Wigan at the time and I spent many hours playing Tekken and Wipeout.

There was nothing strange about my interests as they consisted of football, rock music and computer games.  Emma Ledden from Live & Kicking, the Saturday morning breakfast show was another interest of mine! Wow!

Home Improvement with Tim Allen was often on and I still love it to this day. I remember when they pushed the transmission back one Friday as a new show had started called Friends, which I cannot stand.

In 1994 I was studying for my GCSEs as well as working part-time at the weekend in River Island, Chester. 

I was very sporty at school and took part in swimming, netball, hockey, and even the canoe club!

I remember listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam and watching Pulp Fiction when it was released. I had a crush on Brandon Lee after watching The Crow. I was smitten!

With no mobile phones or iPads we had to settle for walkie talkies, spectrum computers and pagers. My best friend had a pager and we all thought it was amazing. 

I also had one of my favourite holidays that year when me and my family went to Palma in Majorca. 


In 1994 I had just started year one at Ysgol Pen y Bryn in Colwyn Bay, and my only memory is being very nervous about the spelling test.

Lego was the focus of my extracurricular activities, in particular building towers as tall as possible.  My best friend built one to the ceiling but one of my younger brother’s friends walked into it and sent lego flying across the lounge.  I was seething.

I remember badgering my Dad to buy me a music album, Now Dance – The Best of 94, because it had the Macarena on it.  I’ve still got the CD but it’s not played as often as it was.

I also recall buying a pair of Predator football boots.  I can’t say they helped my performance.

In 1994 I was a reporter on the Liverpool Daily Post and child free, which meant lots of socialising, going to gigs and travelling.

I remember having a crush on Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He’s a handsome devil!

That year I bought my first mobile phone, which was a huge brick, had a company car, which I crashed, and was thinking about making the switch from journalism to PR.

I also went to San Francisco, California, with Giulio, my partner, to stay with an old school friend who lives out there. It was brilliant.

In 1994 I was making the switch from year three to four at Porchester Junior School in Nottingham.

The only film I remember coming out that year was the Lion King. It stands out because it was Simon Smith’s birthday and on the way to the cinema he found £90!

If I wasn’t recreating some of Nottingham Forest’s best footballing moments in the back garden, I was on the Commodore 64 playing Fireman Sam and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At that age I didn’t have any career aspirations; just finish as the junior school’s top goalscorer. Jason Bedward beat me but I do recall scoring an amazing overhead kick into the top corner from the edge of the box with a tennis ball! 

LisaLisa Appleby 1994

In 1994 I wasn’t old enough to remember anything! I turned two years old in September that year so have had to ask my Mum for all my memories.

I received a black and white rocking horse for my birthday, which has been subsequently passed down to younger cousins.  For Christmas I was given a VTech laptop and that’s still in the house, although completely unused.

My favourite word was Mam and, to be honest, it still is to this day!

Apparently I knew some of my colours and was able to put the square peg in the square hole showing that I was intelligent and practical from an early age.