A PR agency has been invited back to the University of Liverpool to talk to year two students about careers in the sector.

Outwrite PR’s managing director Anthony Bullick offered advice and guidance on steps the students can take between now and graduating to increase their chances of securing a role in the industry.

His guest lecture followed on from a previous event at the university, where he discussed campaign planning.

The talks are part of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) North West’s committee aim to talk to every university in the region.

Anthony, who is chair of the committee, said: “Year two is an important year for students: one eye is on graduating and the other on securing a job in their chosen career.

“Our talk centred on what students can do from this point onwards to help them gain a foot in the industry, which is very competitive.”

Students received support on growing their network through LinkedIn and attending CIPR events whilst developing skills through volunteering. Anthony also offered tips on how to maximise their online footprint through social media channels and podcasting.

Anthony said: “It’s never too early to think about gaining experience and improving their online reputation.

“The three key takeaways for me were to show passion for the industry, gain experience, and build their network.”

Dr Brendan Maartens, a lecturer in media and communications at the University of Liverpool, said: “Students studying a variety of different degree programmes attended the talk and they took a keen interest in what Anthony had to say.

“I was also impressed with Anthony’s ability to engage an audience.”

Founded in 1994, Outwrite has grown into one of the most respected modern-day PR agencies in North Wales and Cheshire.

The agency specialises in integrated PR and SEO (search engine optimisation), crisis PR, and social media training.