Outwrite’s managing director Tracy North presented a workshop on how organisations can do their own PR at one of North Wales’ business weeks.

As part of Conwy Business Week’s 5-day initiative to support businesses in the county, Tracy gave local firms advice on how to create and implement effective PR campaigns for their brand.

During the one-hour workshop, Tracy highlighted how to identify news worthy stories, write press releases and make the most of media coverage.

The talk also covered links between PR and digital marketing, including how it positively impacts a business’ search engine optimisation (SEO) activity.

Tracy said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to see local business people taking a real interest in PR.

“In the current business climate, PR can position a business ahead of its competitors by making it more trustworthy and likeable.

“The entire day was buzzing with positivity and is further proof of North Wales as a thriving business region.”

Visit Conwy business centre for more information about the business week.