Your reputation no longer relies on word of mouth. The rise of social media and digital has made it easier for stakeholders to find out and talk about your brand.

Download our online reputation checklist and make sure your online reputation reflects how you wish people to view you.

Take your customer journey. Google your brand; search for branded phrases your potential clients use to find you. What does the digital world say about you?

– Google ratings. 97 per cent of people read online reviews for local businesses in 2017. And unsurprisingly, Google reviews are one of the first things people see when they search for your business. Is your average rating putting potential customers off from contacting you?

– Ignoring negative feedback. When complaints or rumours are ignored, the silence can be deafening. Reply offering to resolve the problem. Some companies take steps to confirm whether the reviewer was a customer or not.

Facebook reviews. Users can either recommend or warn against your business. Remember, when a review is left, it will appear on their friends’ newsfeeds for them to see.

Glassdoor. What your past and current employers say about you can impact your business. Review what’s being said about your brand; is it something that can be amended internally?

– News articles. Are there negative media articles online about you? Media sites are viewed favourably by Google and often appear on page one of searches when a company is searched for.

– Relevant review websites. Check relevant sites, such as Trip Advisor, for any negative feedback and reviews and action accordingly.

– Visual content. As well as search results, take a look at what photos and videos are appearing when your brand is searched for online.

– News outlets. One of the other tabs in the Google search results is for news. Are media outlets covering your brand?

– People may not tag you in on social media posts: type your brand name in the search bar on each platform (even if your business isn’t on it!) to see if people are talking about you…

– On Facebook, people may also create groups for people who dislike your brand, so make sure to search for groups, too.