Despite the rise of social media, people still prefer to trust established sources of news, according to an exclusive Outwrite survey.

Last month, we asked readers of the Outwrite newsletter how they found out what was happening in the news.

A total of 56 per cent of respondents felt that while the likes of Twitter and Facebook play an important role in disseminating news, established news organisations are still counted upon to deliver reliable, accurate content.

With easy access to real time updates on the web, three-quarters of those surveyed indicated that this is where they most often find out about the news that matters to them.

And when consumers do go online for news, they shun social media in favour of established media outlets, with two-thirds opting for sites such as and

But this shift in focus has not come at the complete expense of newspapers, with none of the people surveyed saying they have stopped reading them.

The two most popular sources of news first thing in the morning are the web with 46 per cent and radio with 40 per cent.

Surprisingly, despite the popularity of smartphones, when people go online to get their news they are more likely to use their PC or laptop (64 per cent) with just 20 per cent reaching for their mobile phone.

Outwrite PR’s Sue Ormesher said, “It’s no surprise that consumers are heading online to read the news that matters to them. We live in a digital age with easy access to information and the latest happenings playing a crucial role in business.

“It’s also no surprise that traditional sources of news are valued more highly than social media. Newspapers, radio and TV have built up trust over a number of years as a reliable source and I don’t think there will ever come a point where they are disregarded.

“The impact of a story published in the newspaper or covered through radio or TV adds a huge amount of credibility and authenticity to the message. This is why we are seeing more and more businesses opt for PR to produce editorial coverage rather than pay for advertising.”

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