Google influences your customers’ opinions about you daily, and I’m not talking about your website ranking on page one for certain key phrases.

Search the phrases containing your business’ name that you think people will use to find your website. Your company’s website will likely be the number one search result, but what other sites appear below that? Google brings back content related to your business, good and bad, from a variety of other websites. This content includes online news, social media posts and blog posts.

Google holds online news sites such as in high regard and often returns them on page one of its search results. Earn online media coverage to increase the chances of your latest contract win or new hire being seen by potential customers.

Every organisation has news, so identify yours and draft a press release. Research sites that may be interested in covering your story and contact the journalist or editor to sell in your press release.

In February, Google and social media platform Twitter announced a partnership that will see the search engine show tweets alongside websites in its results. This is expected to roll out later in 2015.

This makes the content you post to Twitter even more important. Not only should you publish high-quality content to encourage engagement online, but you should also use the opportunity to help influence opinion if a user sees the tweet in a search result. For example, ‘check out news of our £5m contract win’ immediately illustrates to people the strength of your company compared to a tweet that reads, ‘check out our latest press release’.

Online review sites and forums such as Trip Adviser also appear on page one of Google. What are people saying about your organisation?

Encourage your current customers to leave reviews and, as long as they have a positive experience, they will likely leave a good comment. This increases the chances of a potential customer seeing favourable feedback.

Viewing third party websites in search results with titles referring to your award win or latest case study changes or reinforces your reputation in the eyes of the public. In addition, a plethora of positive online web pages will help to keep any potential negative articles or comments distanced from your brand name.