So, you have your fabulous new website, it looks great and you’re working on ensuring that it features prominently in the Google rankings. But have you overlooked anything?

Most websites feature a ‘latest news’ section but the way in which this handy little feature is used varies vastly from site to site. And you could be missing a trick by not making the most of its potential.

A quick scan across some of the best-ranked websites reveals that businesses make the absolute most of their ‘latest news’, ensuring all press releases and photos feature in this section. This steady stream of updates helps to ensure that the website is fresh and current. It also provides a ready-made source of accurate information for people visiting the site, including journalists.

But visit some sites, click on latest news and you may find the section empty or worse, full of dreary company statements that have been lifted directly from internal documents or company accounts. Others feature long, highly technical descriptions of products that are off-putting and shouldn’t be included in this section.

Businesses who maximise the ‘latest news’ sections of their websites don’t necessarily need to have the benefit of a large, slick public relations department. The news doesn’t even need to be structured in a press release template with professional photography.

It can simply be positive stories posted regularly about the company and this might include new appointments, expansion plans, major investment, funding or a charity challenge being undertaken by an employee. The key is the quality of the content. Ensure your copy is well written, friendly, concise, jargon-free and is grammatically correct. This will do wonders for your Google rankings, as poor grammar and misspellings are guaranteed to send your reputation and online standing plummeting.

As we all know, quality content is key to search engine optimisation. Quality content is king – so ensure you seize the opportunities to tell the world your ‘latest news.’