Another month and another raft of social media changes that impact your online marketing and reputation management.

In our latest Keeping You Posted series, we take a look at what the likes of Facebook have been up to.

Facebook: Show me the money!

Facebook’s latest updates seems to make it slightly harder for business pages to reach their target audiences, which pushes people further towards paid social media activity on the platform (we recommend paid social media advertising as part of your overall mix).

The three main changes to its algorithm, which is the science/magic behind why updates appear in a particular order in your timeline, are:

  • Users will now be able to see more than one post from the same source in a row in their timeline. Previously, Facebook limited multiple updates from the same person/page being shown, opting to show the post it believed you would want to see the most. With more posts from users and brands filling your target audience’s timeline, it may be harder to cut through the noise and encourage engagement.
  • Facebook will start prioritising content posted by a user’s friends. This could be a bit of a killer for brands. It appears that the social media giant wants to return to its roots: a network to connect people and build communities. Maybe it’s worried that more users could leave Facebook for private messaging apps such as WhattsApp. Remember, less users = less revenue.
  • Facebook will begin hiding posts that say what your friends have liked or commented on. This could seriously impact the extended reach of a business’ post. There’s no indication at this stage how big of an impact this could be. Hopefully, it just targets synthetic likes or comments such as those by the owner of the business just doing it to increase reach.

Down Periscope

Persicope, the live streaming app that allows people to broadcast live, has been banned by major sports leagues after games were streamed live – contravening the league’s multi-million/billion pound deals with TV networks.

The American Ice Hockey governing body the NHL (National Hockey League) were the first to ban the app, with the PGA (Professional Golf Association) removing a journalist’s credentials for using the app at one of its events.

While periscope has created a headache for some brands, for others it has given them a new lease of life when it comes to communicating directly with their target audiences.

The Wales Air Ambulance used the app to give its community a live, behind-the-scenes look at its operation in Swansea. It featured interviews with paramedics and doctors, as well as using the platform to reveal the latest information on its EMRTS project.