In our latest edition of Keeping You Posted, we’re looking at big changes for how news providers operate on Facebook, how LinkedIn now offers more controls for post visibility and discussions, and Instagram’s efforts to offer more tools for professional users.

New LinkedIn reply and visibility controls

LinkedIn has brought in a new feature which allows more control over who is able to view or comment on posts.

The controls allow users to restrict visibility to their connections, members of a group, attendees of a particular event, or leave them visible to all.

Comments can be unrestricted, restricted to connections, or turned off completely.

In practice, it means people can post straight to groups or events from the normal news feed, or prevent harmful or negative discussions underneath sensitive statements, for example.

In order to make best use of this feature, we’d suggest actively looking for groups to join, on an area or industry-specific level. Groups are a growing part of LinkedIn and this reinforces that.

You might also consider starting a group for your industry or sector, something which when used carefully, can expand your own personal network as well as provide an opportunity to position yourself as an authority in your area.

Facebook brings News tab to the UK

Facebook is rolling out its News tab to its mobile app in the UK after agreeing a deal with major publishers to pay for the content it benefits from.

The deal includes Reach PLC, Archant and JPI which operate hundreds of local and regional titles including the Daily Post, Yorkshire Post and the Manchester Evening News.

National titles signed up include the Guardian, the Economist, Channel 4 News, Daily Mail Group, DC Thomson, Financial Times, Sky News and Telegraph Media Group.

The scheme has been running since 2019 in the US and offers a semi-curatable experience, where users can hide or request more of certain articles, publishers or topics that are selected by an algorithm.

In practical terms, according to reports, it means these partner organisations will be paid a flat fee for their content to appear in the tab.

While the importance of national press is well-known, this deal underlines the importance of having a good strategy for local and regional media, which often have a greater reach than nationals in their own areas. Regional publishers will also regularly share content between their various brands. Video is a key part of this as many outlets already bypass their own sites and publish content direct to Facebook, which we can expect to continue.

New Professional Dashboard on Instagram

Instagram has unveiled a new Professional Dashboard for those that use the platform for business, as well as professional influencers.

The dashboard centralises features that enables users to track the performance of their profile and fine-tune their e-commerce strategies.

The main features include:

  • Track Your Performance: “Discover insights and trends based on your accounts performance.”
  • Grow Your Business: “Easily access tools you use to run your account more efficiently, discover new tools to help you build your business, and check monetization status and eligibility.”
  • Stay Informed: “Learn how to make the most of Instagram through curated educational resources including tips, tricks, guidance, and inspiration.”

For those already using Instagram, this presents the opportunity to fine-tune content by A/B testing the use of hashtags or types of content and drill down on what is most effective and time efficient by measuring views, interactions and sales.