In our latest edition of Keeping You Posted, we review a feature that could change how brands use Twitter, a new tool for pages on Facebook, and the launch of a bookmark system to save your favourite tweets for later.

Twitter tests new 280-character limit

Twitter has started to roll out a new 280-character limit in a highly controversial move from the social platform. The new amount, which doubles the original 140-limit, is to ‘help users easily express themselves’ according to the site.


Having 280 characters is a big step up for Twitter, which started with a 140 limit back in 2006 when text messages were limited to 160 characters.

Tweets on the platform will now take slightly longer to read and contain more information, but the change is unlikely to significantly affect the speed and brevity of Twitter once the majority of users have the new character count.

The 280-character tweets are only available to a small group of users at the moment – so the majority of us are staying put with a measly 140-characters for now.

The extra characters will no doubt lead to tweets becoming more intelligent and creative, but on social media, brands should always choose quality over quantity to keep their messages clear.

Can’t wait for your turn? Check out this guide on using a Chrome extension to enable 280-characters on Twitter.

Facebook introduces stories for pages

 If you own or operate a page on Facebook, the network has finally rolled out its ‘stories’ feature for pages.

Facebook stories, which is a carbon copy of Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, lets users post photos and videos which expire after 24 hours.

Personal Facebook profiles have had the ability to create stories since January 2017, but now companies and organisations can also use a wide range of stickers and filters to jazz up their content.

Facebook’s stories aren’t widely used at the moment due to competition from Instagram and Snapchat, but if brands post engaging content they could benefit from the new feature.

Our recommendation is to start creating stories via your Facebook page immediately. Play around with the content to see what works well and adapt your strategy as you gain more intelligence from your analytics.

Found your new favourite meme? Bookmark option coming to Twitter

At the moment, to save a tweet to read it later, users have to ‘like’ the post. The problem this has for people on Twitter is that these tweets are then mixed in with tweets you ‘like’, simply because you like the tweet.

Well that could be about to change. The social media platform is rumoured to be working on a ‘save for later’ feature which will put such content in a private folder.

This new feature would be private, and the people who write the tweets you bookmark won’t be notified when you save them.

However, there is the possibility users will be given the option to make their bookmarked tweets public, providing a big insight for brands looking to find out who is interested in their content.

There’s no word on when this feature will come out, but it will give users a handy service for when they want to revisit content at a later time.